Enjoy Want

Enjoy want of me Enjoy want of faith Enjoy want of warmth Enjoy the cruel want of this or that. Enjoy want —the searing edge of fire, the one-eyed beast. Enjoy, bear, surrender and resist. Enjoy want of sun, my white lily, since there’ll be a sun. Enjoy want, ship’s boy, as the long crossing […]


They told her that the game’s over, you can’t play anymore What they never knew was that she had a name and rules of her own, That she never realize she had her own style until you told her so, She was a girl who found her signature and so her soul. Hailstorm had left […]

The Sun and The Sea

Free Thought This temporal peace, achieved through an idea, an island idea all calm among the palms where I arrived with emotion from a tempestuous ocean of factory sirens and loan sharks and built two thoughtful temples to Freedom, to the Sun, to the Sun of Freedom from the run run run— to the Sun […]